Living an invigorating relation towards oneself and others

Living an invigorating relation towards oneself and others

Welcome ! I am singularly inspired and specialized in Relational harmonization, Inner harmonization, Mindfulness, and Character Strengths. Here, you will find details about my services, resources in these domains, and upcoming events. I work with people of all ages in the public and private sectors. I offer individual supports and programs for the public.

If you have any questions, feel free to write me. I’ll be glad to answer.

Upcoming programs

Everyone is born with a great potential to live happily and freely with oneself and with others. This potential is obvious but often invisible, just like the air we breathe or the water in which fish swim.

However, after facing painful experiences, a person may become disconcerted, get trapped in emotional struggles and limiting views, then gradually lose sight of this potential.

Every day is a new chance with new opportunities for healing, discovering our inner univers, and awakening that potential. From then on, happiness and peace manifest abundantly.

During this time, only programs in French are organized.

New program « Healthy relationships built on your inner strengths »

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New workshop
« Moving forward by your character strengths »

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coaching – individual support

When challenges arise, a wise man will learn from them and grow instead of avoiding them or fighting against them.



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